Google exposes new bugs in Microsoft’s Windows 7 and 8.1, yet again

After facing criticism for disclosing Windows 8.1 security bugs earlier this week, Google has pointed out yet another security flaw in Microsoft’s infamous operating system. Google has revealed two bugs, one of which allows attackers to impersonate

Cyber-Terror Crackdown: Authorities Claim No Contacts for Blocked Sites

As Indian government cracks down on websites purportedly carrying anti-India propaganda of terror groups such as ISIS, security agencies have found that many of these portals do not have contact details of their owners and have servers

‘Make in India’ Facebook Page Adds 1 Member Every 3 Seconds

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign adds a new member every three seconds on its Facebook page and has become the most sought after government initiative ever on any digital media platform. Make in India

Finance Ministry to Use Facebook, Twitter to Push Disinvestment

Government is looking at using the social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, in a big-way to generate interest in its disinvestment programme among investors, high networth individuals and opinion makers. The Department of Disinvestment in the

Apple Pushes First Ever Automated Security Update to Mac Users

Apple Inc has pushed out its first-ever automated security update to Macintosh computers to help defend against newly identified bugs that security researchers have warned could enable hackers to gain remote control of machines. The company pushed

Google Says Has Completed Its First Self-Driving Car Prototype

Google on Monday announced that the first completed prototype of its self-driving car is ready to be road tested. “We’re going to be spending the holidays zipping around our test track, and we hope to see you

YouTube announces offline video feature for Indian mobile users

Today, YouTube has launched a new offline feature for its Indian market, making some content avilable offline. The move is to improve the experience for mobile users, while attempting to curb their mobile data charges incurred in

Microsoft: Windows 10 to be launched in September

Microsoft expects to have its new Windows 10 operating system on the market by autumn 2015, slightly later than previous comments had suggested. Chief operating officer Kevin Turner told Japanese news service Nikkei on Wednesday that the

India Post to Reinvent Itself to Facilitate E-Commerce Push

India Post is reinventing itself to cater to the burgeoning e-commerce services industry in the country by setting up data centres, arming the postman with handheld devices and implementing software for facilities like cash on delivery (CoD).

Zoho Now Offering Free .in and Domains to Businesses in India

Zoho, an online business and IT company, on Wednesday announced that it will be offering .in and domains to micro, small and medium sized businesses in India, bundled with basic versions of its suite of application