All about Hacking seminars

Last year I was invited to many hacking seminar, one of them of organised by IT solutions, the auditorium had nearly 2000+ people. My eyes were searching for Fadia and finally realized that he didn’t turn up

Does Bitcoin have a future?

When the Silk Road, the internet’s biggest marketplace for illegal drugs, was taken down the price of Bitcoin plummeted. Chief economist at currency brokers World First, Jeremy Cook already predicted the negative side of Bitcoin and calling

Social media and #tweepalWar

In the continuation of Social network saga, today, I want to discuss crucial issues in this part with you which are very rarely addressed. Provocative hatred are spreading on social media which is the dangerous trend going

Three years of Hacker5

Three fruitful years have passed with pleasures and challenges, seeping through all odds and even reaching at peak, a real rough voyage. On this occasion, I would first like to express my sincere gratitude to all my

Dedicated to hackers and crackers – The Belegit Network

When I got the news that G4h is hacked, I really couldn’t believe it because all ace hackers and security personals are part of this group. I always thought fiddling with them is just next to impossible.