Monthly Archive:: May 2019

AD Targeters Secretly Tracking People Through Invisible Login Forms

Web users are having their details secretly collected by ads tracking companies. They’re abusing password managers, which help you sign into websites by remembering your login details for you. Researchers have found that ad tracking firms have

YouTube Gaming App to be Merged with Google after May 30

Google is set to finally pull the plug on the standalone YouTube Gaming app in just a few days, months after it announced it would be merged with the standard YouTube platform. The app will be retired

World Wide Web Founder plans to reinvent the Internet

The founder of the World Wide Web has revealed his intention to revolutionise the internet by completely upending the data-gathering business models of tech giants like Facebook and Google. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web in

‘Obscene, Vulgar Ads’ popping on IRCTC website. IRCTC response made him regret it

An Indian railway’s passengers support Twitter handle Wednesday asked a user to delete his Internet search history, responding to his complaint that “vulgar and obscene” advertisements popped up on IRCTC’s ticket booking app. The Indian Railways Seva

Apple hacked by a Teenager looking for Job is pleaded Guilty

A 17-year-old Australian school student hacked into Apple’s secure system hoping to impress the company and get a job. The Adelaide-based boy confessed that he, along with another teenager from Melbourne, hacked into the Apple’s mainframe in December 2015 and