Monthly Archive:: December 2013

Hacker took control of BBC server, tried to sell ‘access’ on Christmas Day

A hacker secretly took over a computer server at the BBC, Britain’s public broadcaster, and then launched a Christmas Day campaign to convince other cyber-criminals to pay him for access to the system. While it is not

Google worried about rising government requests to remove political content

Search engine giant Google has raised concerns about the consistent demands by governments and law enforcement agencies across the world to remove content that is critical of them. The US-based firm, which offers services like search, email,

Does Bitcoin have a future?

When the Silk Road, the internet’s biggest marketplace for illegal drugs, was taken down the price of Bitcoin plummeted. Chief economist at currency brokers World First, Jeremy Cook already predicted the negative side of Bitcoin and calling

Google removes privacy feature from Android, says inclusion was an accident

Google Inc has removed an experimental privacy feature from its Android mobile software that had allowed users to block apps from collecting personal information such as address book data and a user’s location. The change means that

Twitter to be available on mobile without Internet

Twitter is reportedly tying up with a Singapore-based startup to make its service available in emerging markets where consumers cannot access the Internet. U2opia Mobile has a similar tie-up with Facebook and will launch its Twitter service