Twitter updates Android and iOS apps with new search filters, trend discovery

Twitter has updated its mobile apps for Android and iOS, adding new filters in search to allow users to quickly find relevant tweets.

The updated Twitter apps come with the option to also view all tweets (and not just top ones) after you search for a keyword. You can toggle between the top Tweets and all Tweets button at the top of the search results.

The new search box also offers filters to display everything, or tweets that feature photos, video, news, people, all people, people you follow, and nearby tweets.

The search filters in the new Twitter apps make browsing through tweets much easier, as users can choose to view specific content, thereby making search more relevant.

In addition to the search filters, Twitter has also added a new trending timeline in the Discover tab that displays trends along with associated tweets, and, trending TV shows and nearby events.

The updated Twitter apps also feature better login verification and allows you to take a screenshot of the verification backup code when you enroll or generate a new code for verifying your Twitter account.

The updates are in line with Twitter’s efforts to improve the user experience and aid search and discovery on the social network. A few days back, Twitter had said it would offer its users the ability to create custom “timelines” for fresh perspectives on the Twittersphere. It had said that users can craft new timelines designed to follow new topics on the platform around topics and events.

Meanwhile, Twitter has also backtracked on its decision to allow users to receive direct messages (DM) from any of their followers, eliminating the need for a follow-back in order to receive a DM, as noted by a report published by The Next Web.