Three years of Hacker5

Three fruitful years have passed with pleasures and challenges, seeping through all odds and even reaching at peak, a real rough voyage. On this occasion, I would first like to express my sincere gratitude to all my readers and the people who actually created the journalist in me and helped in its growth. Also big thanks to all my subordinates who let me walk around by lending freedom to reach new avenues. All my appreciations and obligations to hackers, security personnel’s, agencies, cyber security seminars and agencies, without whom the magazine would have lost its content. There are many who contributed to the achievement of Hacker5 in all these years. Thanks to everyone.

In the recent past, looking at the growing popularity and limited circulation and reach, we went from analog to digital print of the magazine. Now all my readers can download this magazine from our website Ever since we are growing in this industry, we have conducted many cyber security seminars, trained students, police personals and corporate agencies. This is India’s first magazine which is printed, edited and published by hackers. We conduct proficient seminars; our active participation is growing day by day and where ever we go, we are addressed as Hacker5 team. Isn’t that amazing? This Magazine has given us foothold in cyber space; it has also gathered good readers for us and best of critics also. Well there is so much to share and so much to speak out. It was a beautiful phase, with mixed experiences. Now after so much of time spending, I can say that I understand hackers, the hacking world, techniques and most importantly is the subject itself. Now, I am well aware of their culture, mindset, every reaction, methods, tricks, and their focal area. When I was introduced to the hidden crust of cyber space, it was quite difficult for me and my team to deal with, since we were very new to this domain. My team members are very young and since they possess quick leaning skill, it was very easy for me to train them with all the different beats of tech world. Now we understood the market, revenue and reader’s needs. We understand nitty-gritty of this business. We got timely support from various writers and contributors. For all young minds and young resources, this magazine ignites their thought process; they are on toes 24/7. These young hackers are a source of energy for me!

Our entry into cyber world was quite exciting; we have always been investigating with things to set new trends. Bringing all ethical, unethical hackers, techies and make them work within the boundaries of deadlines and journalism, was a real excitement. Hacker5 is one of my own favourite magazines of my publication house because this has always attached me unlike the world. There were lot of ups and downs, confusion and saga with this publication but still fighting all odds we completed two years. My team includes a small group of young and inexpert staff with some already mentored while some yet to explore. Having limited resources, unaided status of not affording to pay very good package to the staff, yet I remain prompt when payments are concerned. Ahem ahem. Many do get surprised and wonder how we are surviving and are able to manage so many publications. The secret is proper strategy and dedication to complete tasks within limited resources. I am proud to know the fact that, ours is the only parallel media house existing so far. The main purpose of starting this media house is to say no to ‘intellectual’ slavery. Our sole intention is to fight the odds and evil in the fourth estate and maintain the integrity. We may not be hundred percent successful because we are still young and have taken huge leaps with every baby step. Well-begun is half done.

We are surrounded by critics and spammers but that seldom make any difference to us. Interestingly, the fact is that they have always proven to be a blessing in disguise for us as they gave us opportunities to understand our weaknesses and improve our performance. Interestingly, our rival publication also tried their level best to pull us down, but we are happy to boast that they had to break all rigid rules of 30 long years to give us a stiff competition. I am sure that since we are honest to our work, we can and we will reach the peak someday.

The evolution of cyber world, new technologies and latest hacking techniques has initiated great opportunity and significant risk to our lives. Everyone from IT personnel, youth and common users are confronted by complex and critical choices of ethics and responsibility for which they may be little prepared. Hacker5 presents the reality of those choices and their consequences. The magazine directly addresses the key issues to influence youth, IT personnel and common users toward personal safety and socially acceptable use of cyber tools. The main objective of Hacker5 is to help the user to understand how cyber world, new technologies and latest hacking techniques contribute to their lives and to the lives of their family, community, nation and society. Hacker5 strives to understand individual and corporate responsibility for maintaining the integrity and availability of cyber commerce. Hacker5 also focuses on “Cyber Awareness” and understand the ethical considerations associated with the use of cyber technologies. Our motive is to expose hidden and underground threats mainly caused by using Internet and to spread awareness among the people.

Newsmakers is one of the fastest growing progressive media houses in India. We bring to you ‘Beyond the News,’ a fortnightly magazine, a monthly ‘Maritime Bridge’ and the ‘Afternoon Voice’ daily, Mumbai Manoos’ Marathi daily, Maritime Bridges and Hacker5 magazine. Our core competency lies in providing extensive coverage to all spheres of information. To this end we have built a team expertly poised with the right balance of experience and youth to give our publications freshness and depth. Honest reporting with an emphasis on ethics is our forte.

We especially pride ourselves in being a self-funded organisation without relying on big industrial houses for sustenance. We intend to champion the new brand of journalism widely dubbed as ‘citizen-journalism’, with over two thousand citizen reporters all over India and special correspondents to cover every area. We also mentor young journalists filled with new ideas without the burden of intellectual dictatorship. These young minds are the USP of the company. Our exclusive content allows us to build strong readership loyalties which become our coveted reward. We are here to play a long innings and continue to play an integral part of our reader’s lives. The main aim behind starting this organisation is to fight the evil in forth estate and do justice to journalism.

Hacker5 magazine, which has completed its third year, still belongs to all of them who directly or indirectly contributed towards it. This is a platform for all the hackers to reach in corporate sector and introduce themselves, this is the first magazine started by hackers, funded by hackers and published by hackers for the welfare of hackers. After the birth of Hacker5, many such magazines came in competition and were washed out with time, by readers grace and utmost support from Hackers we could continue our journey so far uninterruptedly. Looking at the interactive aspects and promotions, we had many competitions for young hackers; we encouraged them with different earning schemes through writing for this magazine. Hacker5 T- Shirt and bags were most popular amongst young hackers. There was huge demand and till today we are struggling to fulfill it.

Finally, I would like to thank my team comprising former Siddesh Shenvi, Gaurav Singh, Javed Khan, Dhiraj Datar, Naveen Rajput, Vivek verma, Keval Domadia and Dipanjan Ghosh. Friends from inception Amarjit Singh, Ajay Dhaka, Parul Khanna, Rahul Tyagi, Divya Ranjan, Mohit Kumar; freelance writer Beenu Arora Kai farmer, my present staff Ankur Tiwari and Amit jha and all other contributors without whom NBC wouldn’t have a reason for celebrate. For me, it has been quite an eventful journey and a fantastic learning process. Thanks advertisers, promoters, printer and desk staff for making it possible for me. Thanks everyone and thank you readers for believing in me.

Without Your feedback I won’t be able to continue my journey, so please revert.

Vaidehi Taman
(Group Editor NBC)
Oct. 2013