Straight Talks between Atul Dwivedi and Vaidehi (Cat Techie) over Indian Warriors

Atul DwivediWhen ZHC was formed in 2011 that time Trick and his Teampoison joined them, it was only then when Z company Orkut hackers learned skills to hack/deface a website. Before that since 2008 this group was only known as Z Company and it was limited to the hacking of orkut accounts. Between Sameer, crusader and Atul Dwivedi banged at them in retaliation, and the other side Islamic communities on orkut were on the target of HMG hackers (Hindu Militant Group). In 2009 few Indian hackers made orkut community IW (Indian Worriers) since then IW+indishell merged and then that group became Indian Cyber Army. 2009 to 2011, Z company was not able to hack and retaliate team ICA with a single website defacement because those ‘kids’ didn’t had any idea how ICA used to hack their websites and root servers. It was only after, when Trick joined Z Company, the group defaced first website as ZHC in March 2011. Some Sources said, IW was a ‘dabate’ community for Hindu and Muslims but, they believed in idea of secularism. There are also assumptions that, Aussie thing was a prominent hack but, most people never knew IRP. Looking at the argument with Diwedi can we assume that before 2009, Indians never did a ‘big’ hack? There are always many questions and arguments when Hackers groups are concerned; here is an exclusive interview of a prominent member of Indian Cyber Army (indishell) hacker Atul Dwivedi with Vaidehi (CatTechie)

When was IW started and how?

IW was started in the month of November 2008 when Snake and Me myself when we both spitted our ways from HMG and decided to make an orkut community for our own where we may add nationalistic cyber fighters without the discrimination of religion and region !

Do IW and ICW have any relevance?

No! IW was a separate group made and ICW was the separate hackers wing of HMG made in 2009 !

What was the most prominent hack of IW?

After IW was made, I started hacking on my own [websites and servers]. My major targets use to be Pakistani cyber space and Chinese government cyber space. I hacked the biggest ever Pakistani RKR [ raat ke rahi ] community which was of strength 50k as an IW hacker in the month of December 2008, just one month after IW was formed..later in July 2009, I hacked Australian Air Force official website as a protest against racism happening in Australia that time against Indian Students. Similarly, My elder bro snake hacked the biggest ever official IRP community on orkut in the month of Jan 2009 and held it like a hostage for 30 days which was later recovered by Pakistan when they approached Pakistan high court and sued Orkut in their court..Then after I started to hack websites and servers only and I left Orkut hacking. The Details of my remaining hacks as IW hacker and then after since the time when Indishell merged with it..Can be found on my FB profile albums!

(source said, it is true and he also mentioned his real name whilst defacing the Australian website)

What was the most prominent contribution to India?

I guess the most prominent contribution to India by our small group IW was the avenge that I and my co hacker snake took against anti Indians by our hacks..with most worth mentioning hacks as official IRP community hacked by snake and Australian Air Force official website hacked by me !

How do we rate IW as the greatest community (in India) which no other has done?

Well. If you talk about rating..Then I would like to say that the time when I and snake started hacking …the quality of hacks that we both did at that particular time…no other single Indian Hackers group was able to do so!! So but obvious that makes our IW as unique and special group!

Who was Tornado and Snake? Were they related to Indian Snakes?

Snake as I told you earlier was the founder member of IW and my elder brother…also my mentor and my first teacher in the field of hacking..Whereas Tornado aka Raj was just a random member of IW community..Tornado got famous due to his debating, discussion and abusing skills!

(so, we should assume that Snake is a good hacker and might have done commendable hacks in past and thus mentored Atul)

Why has IW vanished? Lack of community support?

IW is not vanished..It’s still there on orkut and here also on FB..

It just got less active because almost all main members and other active members got busy in their respective real life.still we all find time to hang out, chat and discuss social issues in our FB group..Its not dead.It’s just less active!!

Who all supported you and how?

When Snake and I started IW, no one supported fact whole of HMG was laughing/mocking and abusing both of us for splitting our ways and in fact they use to make fun of us terribly..We kept on ignoring them and continued to build our group and do our duties as patriotic Indian hackers..No sooner whole of HMG/ICW and other Indian Hackers groups realized our talent and thus started respecting us for our achievements! Core members of IW when it was made were except me and snake… FBI , Krithi , Aarzoo , Samixa , Ruxeena , Sakina , Raj , Priyanka , Serpent and few more guys…I don’t remember all names..These are happily busy in their respective real lives!!

How do you feel being one of the top 20 hackers in India? Does it make you feel responsible for something that you never owe to others? (As told by you)

I , was given this honor after I hacked RAAF [ royal Australian air force ] by a ethical hacking news reporting organization which I suppose has vanished by now…it placed me on 10 position out of top 20 hackers of India at that time..Yes..It did gave me feeling of happiness and satisfaction but did came to me as a gesture of responsibility to expand my skills and be enough talented to be of service in the field of cyber security to my country India and its people

(Although, we have no idea where the top 20 or top 10 hackers are listed, this was claim which Atul made and we are just letting readers know, we are yet to find the ‘place’ where this list exists.)

A message to IW fans, in a tweet. (140 characters)

If there are any fans still remaining of IW..then i would like to tell them that now IW is merged with indishell…means IW+indishell=Indian Cyber Army [ ICA] … we are still committed to deliver the avenge for India and we are committed to fight for India’s Cyber Pride every time and we shall continue to do so til the time we all are alive as Indishell’s attack crew called ICA..Here I would also like to mention that the first ever Indian Cyber Army made on Indian Cyber Space was us only, because now a day’s some business minded lamers have started using ICA to open up their fraud shops !!

(Thanks for the twitlong though!)

(We have not changed or edited answers given by Atul, to maintain his style of it)

By Cattechie