Narendra Modi to Meet Google Chairman Eric Schmidt in the United States

NamoIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have breakfast with heads of top global companies including Google and PepsiCo on his upcoming visit to the United States, in a bid to fetch investments for Asia’s third-largest economy.

Modi is scheduled to have breakfast in New York on Monday with CEOs including Google’s Eric Schmidt and PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi, and meet six others including the heads of Boeing, IBM, General Electric and Goldman Sachs.

Modi kicks off his maiden US visit in New York on Friday, addressing the UN General Assembly on Saturday before attending a rally of Indian-Americans. He is due to fly on to Washington late Monday to meet President Barack Obama.

“There will be a breakfast meeting with eleven major CEOs of various companies on Monday, the 29th of September. There would be the chairman of Google, there would PepsiCo and there would be several others,” foreign ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin told a press conference in New Delhi.

“Following which (the) prime minister will have one-to-one meetings with six other individual CEOs, all of major US companies and investment institutions.”

Modi’s own breakfast will consist of no more than lemonade or tea he is expected to restrict himself to a liquid diet during the trip to observe a nine-day Hindu religious fast. The foreign ministry said that US authorities “have taken note of it and have prepared everything accordingly”.

Modi, known as a zealous moderniser when chief minister of the prosperous Gujarat state, is set to launch his pet ‘Make in India’ project at home a day before heading off to the US with an aim to boost the manufacturing sector.

Modi is expected to pitch the ‘Make in India’ project on the four-day trip to the US, encouraging global business leaders to set up shop in India, an initiative he announced in his Independence Day speech last month.