Iran, the worl’s largest cyber army!

Activity by hacking groups such as the Iran Hackers Security Team, Ashiyane Digital Security Team, and the Iran Babol-Hacker Security Team indicate a substantial hacking community within Iran. There was evidences of many more hacking group’s webpages or web logs. The groups listed above were the most active and well-known groups found.

Behrooz Kamalian, is a Security Manager but he loves the hacks. He is Ashiyane Security Team Manager, young and aggressive hacker of Iran, thin tall and handsome hacker. He speaks volumes over cyber security. Cyber war against Iran is his main concern. His team of Persian hackers hitting headlines on cyber space, they are known as Ashiyane Digital Security Team Ashiyane Security Group, an active Iranian hack and security team and claimed to be the oldest one in Iran. The group’s old members have taken back seat in hacking activities as they all are almost settled with family life or career. The new members are equally skilled and between the age group of 20 to 25, few old members are still behind the show guiding these youngsters. The group was founded by Behrooz Kamalian in the early 2002, Wiki says, Ashiyane focused on improving the security of Iranian websites. Since then, Ashiyane held several seminars and courses for beginners with the aim of demonstrating the importance of online security. Ashiyane currently has more than 30 official members and their headquarters is located in Tehran. It is ranked first in Zone-H’s list of notifiers. A simple Google search of the team name yields numerous web sites that have been hacked by the Ashiyane DST. Like the IHS, this team’s principle motivation is to sell its security consultation, web hosting, and network consulting services. There are some evidences of this team using political motivations to hack. A defacement of a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) website below also questioned the United States’ Middle East foreign policy. Other attacks by Ashiyane were simply used to put their name with links to their website on the world-wide web. According to their website, the Ashiyane DST appears to be fairly well organized. They have several teams including management, training, defacement, and software programming teams. There were biographies listed for 15 members of the team. The team leader Behrooz Kamalyan who goes by the nickname (handle) Behrooz_Ice. The team member’s ages range from 16 to 28. The member of this group had a wide variety of computer related skills, most of them boast experience in the major operating systems such as Windows, UNIX, Cisco IOS, and LINUX. Many of them had programming experience in languages such as C, C++, VC++, Delphi, and Perl. All of them claimed some sort of hacking capabilities which includes firewall penetration, social engineering, database hacking, operating system penetration, shareware cracking, etc. Iranian hackers have made their place; they love their country and are here to protect the cyber space of Iran.

D4J is one of the famous hacker of this group. He recently hacked two York County government websites. The targeted websites were high profile, belonging to the Public informational websites for the York County Economic Development ( York County Solicitor’s Office (, the pages were showing defaced page along with a message. While the county officials confirmed the attack and told the press that sites were apparently hacked by gaining access of one of the old server because county had spent about $14,000 to move sites to the company’s server, which would add enhanced security. However, older machines were left un-noticed.

Hackers are all over the place, they are everywhere and their horizon is not limited. Today may be India, China, Canada, Pakistan, UK,USA, Africa, almost every country has different group of hackers, everyone aims to fight with own government and officials at the same time secure their own country by attacking other nations website in protest or to create deter. According to the Iranian Republic News Agency, Behrouz Kamalian ordered his cyber-criminal organization to work for the Iranian government by attacking foreign government and media websites. The European Union sanctioned Kamalian in October 2011 because Kamalian and his organization helped the regime crack down on protesters during the 2009 political unrest in Iran, according to The Official Journal of the European Union.

There is quite a extensive hacking community within Iran. The skills of these hackers range from unskilled amateurs who uses software tools that are developed to exploit already known vulnerabilities to skilled hackers who discovers new vulnerabilities and writes the various methods of exploitation. Due to the government filtering, all sites found during the research were hosted in countries outside Iran. A substantial number of websites posted vulnerabilities, exploits and downloadable software tools in Iran. Several of them stood out due to increased level of sophistication and number of attacks credited to them. These website were the Iran Hacking Sabotage Team, Aysahne Digital Security Team, and Iran Babol- Hacking Team. The Iran Hackers Sabotage (IHS) Team is one of the most active hacking groups in Iran. It is listed with as one of the world’s top attackers. According to Zone-H, IHS has conducted 3551 attacks of which 481 were single IP attacks and 3069 were mass defacements. According to their website, they were established in early 2004 to put Iran on the map with regards to hacking ability. After being able to successfully penetrate servers throughout the world, they decided to offer vulnerability assessment services and secured web hosting. The team consists of three hackers named NT, C0d3r, and LorD. According to the biographies on the website, NT and C0d3r are university students at an unnamed university. LorD claims that he is a security researcher and a programmer. All three express an interest in networking and exploitation coding. Several original exploitation programs were available for download. Each download was uncompiled code written in Visual C++ and contained comments providing the history of the bug/exploit. All exploits available on the IHS website were based on bugs found by other people or organizations. Typically each exploitation code was generated by IHS within a few days of public release of the vulnerability on various security sites. Some examples of exploitations found includes a local root exploit for IBM AIX, 3Com 3cdameon BOF exploit, Internet Download Manager remote stack overflow exploit, and PMsoftware Web Server version 1.0 remote stack server overflow exploit. The exploitation code also contained the name Kaveh Razavi as the name for C0d3r. According to Zone-H, IHS is responsible for the July 25th, 2005 attack on the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo’s public website. According to the text in the attack, the IHS expressed disagreement with US foreign policy. As of August 10th, 2005, the Naval Station’s website was still not available. Other attacks by IHS upon U.S. government sites include the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and various local county websites.

What are these groups upto? A good amount of business. Show the fear and then claim super powers to overcome it.

On this particular article I was contacted by some Mr. Namira the Hacker, he wrote that …

“In these post:
you forget to list other names that have more power than you said!!!
There’s no important to have Zone grade! Because you will list your name!
Be stranger, is the best way. But in Iran, Ashiyane isn’t the most powerful!!! Search and then post! Because they are pink hat!!!
Good Luck and remember my name.”


When I asked him to provide me detailed information…he gave this interesting feedback which we are publishing below…….


Thanks to notice my message.
I’m Namira, admin of NN&4E group. Everyone think have zone grade (zone website and other hacker’s grade websites) is so good, but in our idea and strangers, it’s nothing! Because hackers introducing themselves! and this is calamity! Pink hats always want to upgrade their grade in websites by testing. I know in other countries like USA, Russia, England, China, and other powerful countries, their government pay a lot of money to charge their programmers to be hacker!
But in Iran, not only Ashiyaneh, other people are using computer very professional like American Cyber Army!
only one people can stand in front of USA and other Cyber Army.
There’s no Palestine Cyber Army, They are people of Iran, like me 🙂
And of course Syria!
We’re Persian, and it’s our honor to hack every where, because we’re calm, Ashiyane and others are joker! They were just beginning! You can compare stranger groups like us to them, they have nothing to say! I sell project that implement from Science Direct and Elsevier, you know?
using weblogs are enough! Community, Zone Grade, Hacker Band, they’re nothing.
In many American, Chinese, Japanese and other servers, there are a lot of implementation of Science Direct and Elsevier project!
I download them without any money! But no one know me!
Please don’t grow up Ashiyane and others that every people know them like joker!
They rob other projects and introduce it with their name like their Firewall!!!! I have that source code from Chinese group!
NASA, never hacked by some one named Behrouz Kamalian (Ashiyane admin) . Because you know this name! So, He isn’t HACKER!!!!!!!!!
Hackers must be unknown. Rewrite your article please.

Be strange, powerful, but very calm,
In the name of Honor.

I avoided re-writing my article assuming tomorrow some other hacker may ask me rewrite it by providing some other information about himself… So I am publishing the communication chain here.

Vaidehi Taman
(Group Editor NBC)
May 2013