Facebook will now let users ‘Edit’ their posts, status updates

Another day, another new Facebook update. Facebook has quietly introduced an ‘Edit’ option for posts and status messages and users can now correct all those embarrassing spelling mistakes, grammatically errors on their updates. The feature has just been rolled out to users across the board.

After you post an update or status message, you can click on the bottom arrow at the top right corner of the post and just hit edit. Previously you had to delete a post if there were some errors in it. An edited post has carried the ‘Edited’ label next to it.

While some might see this as excellent news and a chance to correct as those typos thanks to touchscreen smartphones and tablets, not everyone thinks it is great.

According to a report on the BBC titled “Facebook editing function raises concern over misuse“, one social media expert doesn’t feel this is so great.

Kieran Hannon, director of social media consultancy eSocialMedia, told the BBC, “A like or a comment made on a previously static piece of content is now open to misinterpretation — a fact that many less informed users are currently unaware of.”

But as we know Facebook users are unaware of many things on the site. For instance how to make sure that pictures don’t go with the public setting, or that Facebook’s Graph Search doesn’t mean all your content is owned by Facebook.

However Matt Owen, of digital business specialists Econsultancy, rightly pointed out the BBC, that this is no big deal. “It’s unlikely this will have any impact beyond making it easier to correct spelling mistakes,” he said.

Frankly speaking it’s hard to imagine how edited posts can be a problem. Granted yes, they can make comments look weird, if the user completely changes the original post but we’re not sure if anyone will be deeply affected by this.

Having said that however, be careful of leaving your Facebook enabled devices lying around near your prankster friends! Instead of merely ‘updating’ your status, they can now just change what you wrote.