Dedicated to hackers and crackers – The Belegit Network

cattechie-340x383When I got the news that G4h is hacked, I really couldn’t believe it because all ace hackers and security personals are part of this group. I always thought fiddling with them is just next to impossible. For me G4H means a group of highly calibrated hackers and security personals. I logged on to site immediately but found a message that the site in under construction. I wanted to see its defaced page, and then any how managed to reach web cache of that page. There was message on the page

Sorry but you have been Hacked by The Belegit Network, No Joke Son…

“Whoami? Root
Shoutouts to all MEMBERS @ the Belegit Network
– –

What amused me the most is that the Rap song with meaningful words, a cute cat dancing and all the way the lyrics says it’s dedicated to the hackers and crackers.

Here is the link

I am sure that even G4H might have taken it sportingly and may be preparing some good tutorial and papers on this hack. Boxhead is very close to all those kids who love to play games and so many of us are crazy about Zombie Wars – The latest Boxhead game. I never knew that there is some hacker known as “Boxhead”. I tried gathering information about him since my curiosity knew no bounds. I just wanted to know who he is; who can dare any so called security tycoons.

Garage4Hackers (G4H) is one of the best and well know hackers forum, an open security community. This hack was done by the hackers group known as “The Belegit Network”. The hackers have not mentioned any reason for hacking or any message to the forum admin. Simply posted a dancing cat on the deface page. This shows that nothing is secure. Belegit used some 0-day to hack this most secured site and the G4H team is still working on it. I had immense respect for them, the reason they were never into hacking or defacing activities. As they always mention in their profile, Garage4Hackers (G4H) is an open security community for Information Security enthusiasts, gurus and aspirants. Members of the team dedicates their time and resources towards helping other information security aspirants, sharing knowledge, spreading security awareness and promoting research. This group is of all educated and established security personas and G4H website is like training institution for newbies. After this hack I learned one thing, no one is big here, everyone is vulnerable to one or another. Hacking is game between the level headed cyber samurais.
BoxHead a member from the “Belegit Network” also hacked NGU ( Nextgenupdate makes about $1000 dollars every month and no one knows the motive behind these hacks. Some where I read that NGU was not a rival of Belegit and it was probably done for fun. The database for NGU is about 4GB – 6GB in size and is only in BoxHead’s hands. Currently NGU is back online. Garage4Hackers is still under maintenance. There are many whispers around that BoxHead has completely damaged the site and he has erased all the data form its website. Some say he always disliked the attitude of G4H hackers as they were too much in to show off. I am yet to get the fact.

Belegit, has its geek website with proper forum, they provide knowledge on Computer Security and Networking. They are here to wide open your eyes by stating that “security is an illusion”. Yes what they say they mean it.

Vaidehi Taman
(Group Editor NBC)
Sept. 2013