Microsoft Issues an Emergency Update to Patch a Vulnerability That Affects All Versions of Windows

Microsoft has released an off-schedule update to patch a critical bug affecting all versions of Windows. The bug, if exploited, allows hackers to remotely execute malicious code on Windows computers.  A vulnerability was found in the way

Windows 10 for phones will come after PCs, no free upgrade for those using pirated versions

Microsoft has announced a new build for Windows 10 for phones which brings a lot of new features for those who are part of the preview programme. It also brings the update to a non-Lumia smartphone, the

Google exposes new bugs in Microsoft’s Windows 7 and 8.1, yet again

After facing criticism for disclosing Windows 8.1 security bugs earlier this week, Google has pointed out yet another security flaw in Microsoft’s infamous operating system. Google has revealed two bugs, one of which allows attackers to impersonate

Apple Pushes First Ever Automated Security Update to Mac Users

Apple Inc has pushed out its first-ever automated security update to Macintosh computers to help defend against newly identified bugs that security researchers have warned could enable hackers to gain remote control of machines. The company pushed

SanDisk Unveils 4TB SSD; 6TB and 8TB SSDs Coming Next Year

SanDisk on Friday announced the Optimus Max Solid State Drive (SSD), which it claims is the industry’s first 4TB enterprise-class Storage-as-a-Service (SAS)-based SSD. The SSD is built on the 19-nanometre process technology. Since these drives are sold