All about Hacking seminars

Last year I was invited to many hacking seminar, one of them of organised by IT solutions, the auditorium had nearly 2000+ people. My eyes were searching for Fadia and finally realized that he didn’t turn up as the fees asked by him was too much for these guys, in the village who took a daring step of having a seminar cum workshop organized on hacking. They replaced some ethical hacker with Fadia and continued their show. Every student made entry in seminar by paying 200 rupees. Work shop was for just 4 hours. Before the workshop speakers were given a chance to address issues related cyber security. Many spoke on different issues; some even went on speaking about Julian Assange and Kevin Mitnik. Students were hooting, whistling and clapping to kill the boredom! I was damn scared as next number was mine to speak. I took microphone in my hand and got out on to the stage and stood among students and participants, I started by asking them basic questions such as: Which OS (operating system) they use? Do they know about different ports? Which internet connections they use and do they know about their own IP? Believe me 90% of the faces were blank and there was pin-drop silence in auditorium.

No one was ready to interact, then I tried picking up few guys to answer few basic questions and they simply refused to come forward. Look at the irony, by paying hard money these students gathered there to learn hacking and they are not introduced to basic subject and topics of computer orations. Finally I changed my stand and told them to ask me their queries and I will try to answer them. Remote in the corner, a guy stood and asked me “Madam how to Hack FaceBook Account?” , the moment this question was thrown to me, I could see spark in most of the students eyes, another one stood and asked “how to hack Gmail?” Alas! There I got what they expect from hacking seminar! No one is interested in learning how to stay protected. Computer Security is indeed an issue of global concern. The Internet has completely changed our lives. Most of us can’t even imagine a life without the Internet. However, with a rapid increase in the number of individuals and large corporations dependent on the Internet, the grave threat of cyber attack comes into the picture.

Individuals, companies and governments are nowadays all completely dependent on the Internet. However, most of them still remain unaware of the various risks of cyber crime and fraud. With a growth in computer users and networks, the scale of sophistication cyber crimes has increased as well; hence creating a high demand for more ethical hackers, not only in India but globally! The job of an ethical hacker is to get into the minds of computer criminals, think like them and come up with innovative methods to protect computers, networks and data. Companies hire ethical hackers to find out any vulnerability that might exist in their network and find out how to fix them. I feel ashamed to read these big dialogues because these hacking manufacturers claim to conduct seminars by certifying participants as ethical hacker without even realizing the hollowness of other side.

Learn hacking has become craze with destructive motives and the industries running on these hacking seminars have made fat-profits out of such students and mad crowd. Hacking seminars are nothing but an eye wash. They just play few monotonous tricks like call spoofing, mail spoofing, or some social engineering gimmicks. As a complimentary some giveaway tutorials CD which has no relevance to learn hacking, or they simply distribute an antivirus package, which may or may not be known to anyone.

Every hacking training institute and seminar has their mesmerizing way of attracting poor kids. The other day I was reading on Ankit Fadia site, Believe it or not, hacking is pretty common among companies of all shapes and sizes.

Get a primer on what “hacking” is; it’s much broader than you think. Figure out how to set internal standards and security to avoid internal hacking and understand the landscape from cyber-attackers. They claim he is an award winning speaker and has delivered more than a 1000 talks in more than 25 countries worldwide. He is a widely sought after speaker worldwide and has inspired, educated and entertained a variety of different audiences including colleges, companies, industry meets and government conferences. What would you do if a criminal wiped out all the money from your bank account? What would you do if your competitor was spying on you? What would you do if your employees were selling company secrets to your competitors? What would you do if your identity was stolen on the Internet? What would you do if your password was cracked and somebody started controlling your computer? Want to know how criminals break into mobile phones, ATM Machines and computers? Want to learn how to protect yourself, your business, your kids and your family from computer criminals? If your answer to any of the above questions is of curiosity or shock, then you have come to the RIGHT PLACE! To catch a criminal, even YOU need to start thinking like one. Join us for an eye opening session on the magical world of computer hackers. Prepare to be SHOCKED, ENTERTAINED and EDUCATED all at the same time. Mr. Fadia can give these big dialogues to really educate the small time curious masses? Can one really produce a hacker by conducting seminar for few hours? Believe me, best hackers of this country are no where trained.

Everyone wants to break the lock, a human psyche to get the power of getting over privacy of others, also defending it, which comes with an irony when it comes to themselves!

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Vaidehi Taman
(Group Editor NBC)
Jan 2014